Mini Album「Four Seasons of Kyoto」※非売品(Not on Slae)
This is a four-track mini album that expresses the four seasons of Kyoto with instrumental music.

全曲/All Songs
作曲 / Composition:ゴリィ(歌うクイズ作家) / Gory(Singer-songwriter and Quiz writer)
編曲 / Arrangement:ゴリィ / Gory
制作 / Production:1999
  1.夕涼み(evening cool)
Enjoy coolness at "Kawadoko" on summer evenings.
  2.京の秋( Kyoto Autumn )
The fall colors are scattered in late autumn, creating a gorgeous but slightly mellow feeling.
  3.木枯らし(cold wintry wind)
Cold wintry wind tells the blows winter visit to Kyoto.
  4.雪解け (The arrival of spring)
Spring arrives and the snow melt flows gently through the Kamogawa.
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